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Q: Does 505 have an offensive odor?
NO !!! 505 is odorless.

Q: Is 505 repositionable?
Yes, quilt layers and applique lift easily leaving no residue behind. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. After that you would have to reapply spray.

Q: How do I use 505 for basting quilt layers?
Simply spray a very light coating on one side of the batting. Position the quilt top onto batting.You may want to do this in a few sections if you are working on a large project. It is very easy to reposition. Turn over and repeat the procedure for the backing. You can baste a quilt in about 10 minutes. See 505 instructions.

Q: How do I use 505 for applique?
For raw edge applique: Spray a little on the back of the applique piece and position in place. Use a satin stitch or decorative stitch to cover the raw edge. For finished edge applique: Cut out paper pattern without seam allowance. Spray wrong side of pattern with 505 and stick to wrong side of fabric. Cut out applique from fabric with 1/4" seam allowance. Place applique with paper side up and spray 505 covering to edges. Fold and stick seam allowance onto paper. You can now stick applique on the background fabric and stitch. Cut out paper from back.

Q: Does 505 make layers difficult to needle?
No, you don't notice that it is there. There is no drag on the needle when hand or machine sewing.

Q: Will 505 gum up needles or scissors?
No. 505 was developed for use in the commercial embroidery industry and it is essential that 505 not gum up needles or scissors.

Q: How long will the bond last?
About 4 months for polyester and about 6 months for natural/blends. Sew in place during that time. The bond will release when washed.

Q: Does the adhesive transfer onto the other fabric?
No, as with our other adhesives, 505 stays on the surface that you have sprayed.

Q: Is 505 acid free?
Yes, it will not harm or discolor fabric.

Q: Will 505 harm the environment?
The adhesive itself is non-toxic. Our products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air regulations and contain no CFCs to affect ozone.

Q: Is cleanup easy?
Yes, cleanup with soap and water. If you have sprayed too much, try Murphy's Oil Soap and a scrub sponge.

Featured Products

505 Temporary Adhesive Spray -  Small Can 8.5 fl oz (Net Weight 6.22 oz)
505 Temporary Adhesive Spray - Small Can 8.5 fl oz (Net Weight 6.22 oz)

505 Spray Temporary Spray Adhesive - 17 fl oz (Net Weight 12.4 oz) Large Can
505 Spray Temporary Spray Adhesive - 17 fl oz (Net Weight 12.4 oz) Large Can

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